NDT Inspection

We have valuable experience in conducting Material Condition Surveys and Assessments of Pressure Vessels, Process Piping and Tanks on local Refineries and maritime vessel structures (FPSO's, FSO's and VLCC's) including general ships structures using conventional Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection techniques, including:


  • UT - Ultrasonic Testing (including inspection of welds)

  • UTM - Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (wall thickness measurement)

  • RT – Industrial Radiography (including close proximity methods)

  • EC - Eddy Current Inspection

  • MPI - Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • DPI - Dye Penetrant Inspection

  • CVI - Close Visual Inspection

  • CUI - Corrosion Under Insulation

  • Weld Inspection

  • HD/Thermal Drone Inspection - SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) accredited/licensed drones and drone pilots.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a close working relationship with our customers, a greater customer focus has resulted in improved quality and more accurate service output.


Remistar's Technical department maintains quality control standards of offshore operations and is dedicated to ensuring that the technical aspects of all projects are addressed correctly from start to finish.


Our technical team is involved from the time of the initial client inquiry is received, which ensures that our solution matches the client's needs. This process includes the provision of personnel, equipment and reporting structures required to successfully complete each project.


Remistar also provides Class Approved Inspection Services for thickness gauging of ship/hull structures for Owners, Intermediate, Special, Hull Preservation and Steel Renewal Surveys.

Other Maritime inspection services include:


  • In-transit Tank Inspection

  • Pit Mapping and Dry Dock Supervision

  • Derrick Inspection

  • Visual and Photographic Inspection

  • Weld Inspection

  • Dropped Inspection Surveys

  • Detailed CAD Reporting